Each member has each expertise and thus supports different projects. We have diversity we wouldn’t witness within an organization based on the content of business. From within U360, diverse individuals build, not hierarchical, but lateral relationships, and organically establish project teams. Connecting dots and creating lines and surfaces, the opposite of organizations that allows employees work on side projects, is what we are aiming for.



We did not set the values from the beginning. Through the course of action to look for new lifestyles, we identified three common values among our members.

Pursue freedom of speech and freedom of choice while establishing life




The key concept to exemplify U360’s value is ACCUMULATION.

Accumulation is opposite of differentiation. Differentiation is a concept in which a company creates a difference from the beginning, while accumulation is a mechanism where a company gains more differences as its business progresses.

It is critical to consider how to continuously sell products and services when planning product launch and marketing strategies with few resources. Once the business model has succeeded, other companies enter the market, and the fierce competition starts. In the competitive market that often leads a war of attrition, individuals and small businesses will face the disadvantage with few resources.

Unique products and services are not sufficient to survive in this competitive world. It is vital to creating a sustainable business model taking business dynamics into consideration such as business processes, sales channels, and customers’ participation.



Always be honest with curiosity and pursue interesting topics.
Be able to connect the meaning of life and day-to-day work.
Value sustainability over growth in the capitalist market where the stronger is the better.

I have come to be able to live and work with my values thanks to the support from everyone around me and pioneers who helped me to learn and grow. Now, I’d like to pass the baton to the next generation, and I’d love to extend my help to more individuals who pursue the lifestyle free from social norms.

I sincerely respect entrepreneurs who attempts to solve problems in our society and build better infrastructure for the better world. For example, we, nomad workers, can work on their projects thanks to MacBook Air by Apple Inc., Wi-Fi network by SoftBank, and a small work space by Starbucks only in return of purchase of a few dollars of coffee.

I am passionate in helping people in front of me. The impact I could make would be very small. However, instead of aiming a big goal from the beginning, I’d like to accumulate small supports for those around me, like Mother Teresa, who helped a person in front her throughout her life. I’m confident that this world will be a better place as each individual practices this idea.

Kengo Miki, Founder of U360, January 2016